Ben Kelly, Galvanizing Sales Manager

Ben Kelly joined Galvan Industries, Inc. as Galvanizing Sales Manager in 2014 to further support and develop the company’s growing list of customers in the steel fabrication, construction and manufacturing industries. Ben came to the job with extensive experience, having spent more than 10 years in top sales positions in the steel industry with Harris Rebar and Gerdau Ameristeel. He also has experience in steel and concrete construction as a structural engineer.


Elaine Wilcox, Galvanizing Customer Service & Sales Administrator

Elaine Wilcox, Galvan’s customer service and sales administrator for hot-dip galvanizing, joined the company in March 2021. While she is relatively new to Galvan, she is a seasoned pro in customer support. Elaine has been in the field since 2013 when she took a supervisory customer service position at a major grocery chain in the Northeast. She later worked as Sales Operations Administrator for an industrial equipment wholesaler in New York state. Her last stop before Galvan was in the financial industry.


Nharu Wright, Production Manager

Nharu Wright, production manager for Galvan Industries, has led the company’s hot dip galvanizing operations since 2019. At Galvan, Nharu directs and manages plant operations for production, quality control, shipping and receiving. He develops production schedules to meet internal goals and customer expectations, while motivating and leading plant employees to put out good quality work as efficiently and safely as possible. All this adds up to one thing.


Ray Yow, General Foreman

Ray Yow, the general foreman for Galvan Industries, is one of the company’s longest-serving employees. He has been with the company since 1988. As general foreman, Ray is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the plant, including quality control, receiving and shipping, production scheduling and day-to-day operations. Planning and implementing the production schedule is a major part of the job.


Theron Aldridge, Outbound Shipping

During the past 30 years, Theron Aldridge he’s had numerous jobs in the plant at Galvan. He knows the operation inside and out, which is helpful in his current position. As Galvan’s outbound shipping coordinator, Theron is responsible for coordinating, loading and scheduling all finished goods deliveries. He verifies the accuracy of finished goods being shipped to each location. If there are any discrepancies, he works to resolve them before they leave the plant.


Don Smith, Quality Assurance

Don Smith has covered a lot of ground, first in the Marine Corps and then 14 years of driving trucks. When he started at Galvan three years ago, it was again as a driver. Today, Don is in charge of Quality Assurance, inspecting up to 320,000 pounds per day of galvanized steel.

Don inspects finished galvanized material to ensure it meets customers expectations and industry standards before it leaves the facility. Every morning begins with inspection of work completed during the second shift the night before.


De Gadsden, Senior Accountant/ Purchasing

De Gadsden joined Galvan Industries seven years ago, bringing a decade of successful experience and a strong educational background to Galvan’s accounting team. Prior to joining Galvan in 2013, De held accounting positions at Diamond Springs Water, Stabilus, Inc. and Goodwill Industries, all in the Charlotte area.  He has both a B.S. and an M.B.A. in Business Administration.

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