Construction is well underway at The North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro for its newest expansion: a 12.5-acre Asia Continent exhibit. Galvan Industries is providing hot dip galvanizing to beautify and extend the life of structural and architectural steel used in this major landmark project.

Asia will be the first new continent exhibit to be added to the zoo since its North American wing opened in 1994. It’s expected to open in 2026. That allows enough time for construction of the exhibits to be completed and for the animals to get used to their new environment.

The new exhibit will highlight species such as tigers, Komodo dragons, Visayan warty pigs, white-cheeked gibbons, Asian small-clawed otters, red-crowned cranes, wrinkled hornbills, king cobras and Chinese giant salamanders in natural habitat settings.

State lawmakers gave the zoo $75 million over the next two years to begin construction of the new exhibit. The state funding combined with donations will build out the Asia exhibit as well as upgrade the zoo’s aging tram system and expand the parking lot.

The North Carolina Zoo is the world’s largest natural habitat zoo. More than 1,700 animals call it home. The zoo employs 225 full-time workers and more than 400 during the peak visitor season. State officials estimate the zoo generates more than $184 million in economic activity.

The Asia Continent exhibit is Phase 1 of a long-term expansion plan to add new exhibits and wildlife to the zoo. Planning is already in the works for future Australia and Amazonian exhibits once the Asia expansion is completed.

Click here to see the NC Zoo Asia Continent Announcement Video.

Click here to see the NC Zoo Asia Construction Video

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