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Design for Galvanizing

It is important that steel fabrications be properly designed for hot dip galvanizing. Proper design is an integral part of the galvanizing process.

Poor design can lead to safety issues, poor coating quality, additional costs, and failure to meet delivery dates.

ASTM A385: Practice for Providing High-Quality Zinc Coatings (Hot-Dip), often referred to as “the Design Spec”, provides specific details on design practices such as venting/draining, welding, steel selection, etc. to ensure the best quality product after galvanizing. The size and location of venting holes must be carefully considered.

Make following proper design techniques – and contacting Galvan in advance for questions and advice – part of your routine. It will help ensure the highest quality coating, lowest cost, on-time delivery and support a safe working environment in our plant.

Galvan can provide you with printed copies of design guidelines, present a “Design for Galvanizing” seminar at your location, and we’re available by phone or in person with advice to help you get a high-quality galvanized finish on every job.

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