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November 2022 – Galvan Protects Historic Neal Shoals Dam
August 2022 – Gateway Station Added to AGA Project Gallery
June 2022 – Galvan wins 2022 AGA Excellence Award
March 2022 -New Video Highlights Galvan's Progressive Dipping
October 2021 – Galvan rust-proofs steel for Canadian light rail tunnel
August 2021 – Steel Mesh Protected by Galvan Holds Earth in Place
June 2021 – Galvan Blast Cleaning Restores Old Assets
April 2021 – Memorial Stadium, Corvian Field Go Galvan
February 2021 – Go Big With Galvan!
August 2020 – Save money and create opportunity with Galvan's rail capabilities
June 2020 – Four iconic Galvan jobs added to AGA's Project Gallery
May 2019 – Galvan wins 2019 AGA Award of Excellence
January 2019 – Galvan Protects Pyramid On Legacy Union Tower
December 2018 – Galvan Goes To Time Square
October 2018 – Galvan Celebrates 60th Anniversary
August 2018 – Galvan Rust-Proofs New Asheville Power Plant
June 2018 – Galvan Protects Honolulu Light Rail
April 2018 – Galvanized Rebar Adds Life To Bridge Decks
February 2018 – Galvan protects steel in $210 million plant expansion
December 2017 – Happy Holidays From Galvan Industries, Inc.
November 2017 – Galvan keeps innovative hydroelectric intake cleaning system components rust free for life.
September 2017 – Knock out rust with Galvan blast cleaning
July 2017 – Five examples of partnering with our customers
May 2017 – Two more Galvan Projects Now AGA Case Studies
March 2017 – The Bridge to the Future Use Galvanized Rebar
January 2017 – Galvan protects new VA power plant

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