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Galvan Protects Historical Beach Rescue Apparatus For Future Generations

When the North Carolina Maritime Museum's Harvey W. Smith Watercraft Center re-constructed a Beach Apparatus Cart for the Cape Lookout National Seashore, the hand forged steel braces used to support the cart were hot-dip galvanized by Galvan Industries to provide historical accuracy and corrosion protection for decades to come.

Two Recent Galvan Projects Featured As Case Studies By American Galvanizers Association

Galvan Industries hit a two-run homer recently with work done for BB&T Ballpark Stadium in Charlotte, N.C. and Durham Bulls Athletic Park Stadium in Durham, N.C. featured as Case Studies on the American Galvanizers Association web site.

Galvan Recognized For Excellence In Hot-Dip Galvanizing For Charlotte Douglas Airport Parking

Galvan Industries has earned a 2015 Excellence in Hot-Dip Galvanizing Award from the American Galvanizing Association (AGA) for its work on the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport's new rental car facility and hourly parking deck.

Galvan Protects Steel In Massive New Dominion Virginia Power Station

Galvan Industries is protecting Dominion Virginia Power's $1.1 billion investment in a new combined-cycle, natural gas-fired power station in Brunswick County, Va. More than 1000 tons of structural steel has been hot dip galvanized by Galvan, protecting it from rust and corrosion for decades.

Galvan Provides Corrosion Protection

For JMU's New Top 50 Scoreboard

James Madison University's Bridgeforth Stadium in Harrisonburg, Va. recently completed the construction of a new video scoreboard that is among the 50 largest in the country at the college level. Galvan Industries provided corrosion protection for the support structure, catwalks and handrails.

Galvan Protects Giant Steel Frame
For World’s Largest Video Board

Galvan Industries galvanized 250 tons of structural steel used in the construction of the giant steel frame that will support the world’s largest high-definition video board at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The Largest Greenhouse in the US
The structure uses hot dip galvanizing exclusively for all steel inside the building to protect against corrosion in the moist, wet environment of the greenhouse.
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Harrisburg Central Live Steam Railroad

When Triad Live Steamers was building its 7-1/2 gauge track at Harrisburg Park, Galvan made sure the trestle was protected for a lifetime.

Nascar Hall Of Fame, Charlotte, NC

Hot dip galvanizing by Galvan Industries will provide decades of maintenance-free, rust-free service life and prevent rust stains from marring the beauty the stainless steel mobius ribbon which encircles the roof.


Two Projects By Galvan Industries Win Praise In AGA Parking Deck Design Publication
A new publication profiling innovative parking garage design and construction projects from around the country highlights two projects that utilized steel components hot-dip galvanized by Galvan Industries, Inc. { more }

U.S. National Whitewater Center
Galvan Industries, Inc. galvanized nearly 40 tons of steel for U. S. National Whitewater Center
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Norfolk Naval Base
This 90 by 1,500-foot structure heralds a new generation of piers at the Norfolk Naval Base.
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Build A Bridge To The Future With Galvanized Rebar
Galvanized rebar greatly extends the life of reinforced concrete infrastructure, including bridges. More jurisdictions are demanding it to make the most of their tax dollars. Learn why galvanized rebar is so important.   { more }

Galvan chosen to rust-proof 1,600 megawatt Virginia power plant

Galvan is providing hot dip galvanizing for the new 1,588-megawatt Greensville County Power Station, which is located on a 1,143-acre site in southern Virginia. When completed, the new plant will produce enough electricity to power 400,000 homes in Virginia at peak demand.

Galvan Protects And Beautifies Potomac River Resort Project
Galvan Industries was recently chosen to play a “supporting” role in a $20 million pavilion addition to the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The design of the pavilion features a curved roof supported by a mast and rigging structure, referencing the nautical history of the Potomac. Hot dip galvanizing provided by Galvan Industries will beautify and protect the masts against corrosion for decades to come with no required maintenance.
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Galvan Rust-Proofs Pipe Bridge In Major Industrial Projects
As one of the largest capacity galvanizers in the Southeast, Galvan provides corrosion protection for pipe bridges in major industrial projects throughout the region, such as the W.S. Lee Combined-Cycle Natural Gas Project in Anderson County, S.C. and the Croda International Plant Expansion in New Castle, Del., both currently under construction..

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Spotlight on Stephanie Klicpera, Galvan Hot-Dip Customer Service Representative
Meet Stephanie Klicpera. Stephanie works with Galvan's growing list of hot-dip galvanizing customers to ensure they receive highest level of service in order processing, shipping, invoicing and customer relations.

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Charlotte's I-485 Guardrail System Recognized as Case Study by AGA
Hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) was specified for the guardrail portion of the I-485 loop around Charlotte, N.C. because of its maintenance free service life of more than 50+ years. Galvan Industries, Inc. provided the galvanizing service, featured as a Case Study by the American Galvanizers Association.

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Galvan Protects Solar Energy Projects From Sea To Shining Sea... And Beyond
Galvanizing is the standard for lifetime protection against corrosion for the substructures, frames, posts, fasteners, and other steel pieces used in solar energy projects. Galvan is a major supplier of galvanizing to the solar industry from cost to coast, and even as far away as Hawaii.
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EDSCO Fasteners To Move NC Manufacturing Operations To Harrisburg
EDSCO Fasteners has announced that it will move its North Carolina manufacturing from Charlotte to a new facility adjacent to Galvan Industries, Inc.  All of EDSCO’s 25 Charlotte employees – production, management and quality control personnel – will move to the new facility located at 7320 Millbrook Road in Harrisburg. The move is expected to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2015.

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Galvan Appoints Benjamin N. Kelly Hot Dip Galvanizing Sales Manager
Ben Kelly comes to the job with more than 10 years in top sales positions in the steel industry plus experience in steel and concrete construction as a structural engineer. As Galvanizing Sales Manager, Kelly will build on the company’s success providing corrosion protection services to the top steel fabrication, manufacturing and construction companies in the Southeast
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Galvan Invests More Than $1 Million In Environmental and Efficiency Initiatives
Throughout its 55-year history, Galvan Industries, Inc. has shown a willingness to take leadership positions within the hot-dip galvanizing industry. Today, Galvan is one of the largest capacity contract galvanizers in the Southeast, and is among the world's “greenest”, as well. Galvan has recently invested more than $1 million in its galvanizing operations to increase capacity and reduce environmental impact
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New Study Shows Replacing Wood Utility Poles with Galvanized Steel Significantly Lowers Key Environmental Impacts
WASHINGTON, D.C. – A detailed life cycle assessment (LCA) study commissioned by the Steel Market Development Institute finds that galvanized steel utility poles outperform wood poles in key environmental measures. The study showed that replacing wood utility poles with galvanized steel will likely result in lower levels of greenhouse gas and aerosol emissions, a lower burden on critical energy resources, reduced impacts on the habitats of many threatened and endangered species, and reduced impacts associated with hazardous emissions and wastes. { more }

Agri-business Grows With Galvanizing
Galvanizing provides the smart farmer and agri-business with substantial cost savings. Hot-dip galvanizing is widely accepted as one of the best means of corrosion prevention. A standard hot dip galvanized coating on fabricated steelwork, i.e. building frame, gate or appliance, gives a typical life without maintenance of 50+ years in a rural environment. A paint coating could need remedial work three or four times before the galvanizing needs any attention.
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Galvan Industries is a major supplier of hot dip galvanizing to businesses and industries throughout the Southeast. For structural or ornamental steel, Galvan's molten zinc process protects your investment against the elements better than any other coating.

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