How fast is the solar power generation industry growing? During the past year, the industry has continually set new growth records, adding more capacity each consecutive quarter. The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act is expected to bring about even more unprecedented growth in solar power generation. Over the next five years, the industry is expected to install 200 GW of new solar capacity. That’s more capacity than has been installed to date.

Value-Added Services Save Time

Galvan’s value-added “Cut and Galv” service has become an important factor in the fast growth of solar power.

Suppliers of steel to the industry are saving time by sending steel post material directly from the mill to Galvan. Galvan cuts the steel to length, preps it as needed and galvanizes it to ASTM A123 standards, guaranteed. Galvan then coordinates shipping of the finished posts to project locations.

The smaller posts shown here were sent to Galvan in 20-foot-long sections and were cut to 10-foot lengths before galvanizing. The larger post material came to Galvan in 40-foot lengths and were cut in half. Both operations were performed in-house using Galvan's automated, robotic cutting equipment.

HDG Steel is the Solar Industry Standard

Hot-dip galvanized (HDG) steel is the most common type of steel used in the solar power industry. Longevity is one of its major advantages. Even when driven below ground, like the supporting posts in solar farms, HDG steel provides a service life of over 75 years in most soil conditions.

Given their many benefits, including life, cost savings and greater sustainability, hot-dip galvanized solar posts should be a standard part of every solar farm installation. Value-added services such as cutting, blast cleaning, railcar loading/unloading and storage make Galvan a valuable partner in the growing solar power industry.

About Galvan Industries, Inc.

Galvan Industries is a member of the American Galvanizers Association. Located in Harrisburg, N.C., Galvan Industries has provided the ultimate in corrosion control to steel fabricators and manufacturers since 1958. The first hot-dip galvanizing operation in the Carolinas, the company has grown to become the largest capacity contract galvanizer in the Southeast. For details, or to place an order, call Galvan Industries at (704) 455-5102, Fax (704) 455-5215; e-mail: