Inspectors from the North Carolina Department of Transportation recently gave these galvanized Z-type sheet piles their stamp of approval. Z piles are the most common type of sheet piles used in North America. Galvan hot-dipped these piles and couplings for a current highway improvement project.

The steel shown here will be used in a in Craven County, NC where a a large culvert is being installed to enhance the control of water flowing under an important roadway. The work is expected to be completed by summer of 2023.

The NCDOT Material and Tests Unit establishes the acceptance criteria for materials used on the NC highway system. As a galvanizer for the highway system, Galvan provides coatings that meet the required specifications and coordinates inspection of the finished materials.

Hot-dip galvanizing has been successfully used to combat corrosion in culverts and bridges since the 1800s.

As governments commit taxpayer dollars to develop and maintain critical transportation systems, protecting this investment from deterioration is extremely important. Hot-dip galvanized steel works to prevent costly and damaging corrosion and protects our infrastructure investment.

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