The NC Department of Transportation is widening I-95 in eastern North Carolina for about eight miles between I-74 (Exit 13) and US 301 (Exit 22) in Lumberton, adding two additional travel lanes in each direction. The project also includes modernizing interchanges, replacing bridges and culverts and elevating sections to prevent flooding.

The purpose of the project is to relieve congestion, improve mobility and enhance the resiliency of East Coast’s primary north-south route.

Galvan Industries was selected to rust-proof pipe piles and other steel components for the new bridges and interchanges. The NCDOT chose Galvan to galvanize the pipe piles for longer maintenance-free service life and to protect the steel as it was driven into the ground.

Hot-dip galvanized steel prevents costly and damaging corrosion and extends the life of infrastructure for decades to come, protecting these important investments.

Galvan’s storage capability is also important to the project. With 35 acres of open storage, Galvan can hold the raw steel at the plant and galvanize it as needed to keep the project moving forward efficiently. Galvan also assists in transportation of the finished steel to NCDOT construction sites.

“This modernization is long overdue,” said Grady Hunt, a state Transportation Board member who lives in Robeson County. “This vital corridor needs to be widened, but also upgraded to be more resilient against future hurricanes.”

The $432 million project is scheduled to be completed by the late summer of 2026.

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