Galvan Industries has earned a 2015 Excellence in Hot-Dip Galvanizing Award from the American Galvanizing Association (AGA) for its work on the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport’s new rental car facility and hourly parking deck. The new facilities are designed to evoke the curvature of a modern airplane wing. Galvanizing adds extended resistance to corrosion, exceptional maintenance-free service life and complements the design aesthetic.The award was given in the Building and Architecture category of the AGA competition.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport’s new seven-story hourly parking deck opened in time for the 2014 Thanksgiving rush, adding 4,000 new parking spaces. The $120 million parking deck has been under construction for more than a year. At 3.2 million square fee, the 7,700 space facility is roughly half the size of the Pentagon. In addition to 4,000 new public parking spaces, the deck features 3,700 spaces for rental cars on the first three floors of the structure.

Airport officials want each of the parking decks to extend beyond the standards of conventional design. Perforated stainless steel metal panels are backlit blue to match the airport’s accent color, reveal the truss structure and provide visibility and ventilation to meet airport safety requirements. The galvanized bow-string trusses surrounding the building create a graceful arch on the exterior surface of the concrete structure and the perforated stainless skin eliminates the need for fans and ductwork. The combination of galvanizing and stainless steel will guarantee decades of corrosion free service life for the city without maintenance, while maintaining the architects vision.

The new hourly deck is the airport’s fourth new parking deck with a fifth deck to be completed in early 2015. All the new decks built over the past decade use the galvanized truss design to give the airport its signature appearance. The underside of each parking level is painted white, enhancing security while reducing the need for artificial lighting and reducing lighting energy costs.

At night, the point-loaded galvanized steel and glass-enclosed stair towers glow to like lanterns. Dynamic blue LED signal lights are programmed to chase around the helix. The decks feature an automated parking management system. Hot-dip galvanized steel ensures all the structures will remain a corrosion-free centerpiece of the airport landscape for years to come.

The Wilson Group and LS3P Associates, Ltd. were the project’s architects. Commercial Metals Corp was the
fabricator. Archer Western Contractors, Ltd. was the General Contractor.

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