Modified Hot-Dipped 60-FT H-Piles Provide An Extended Lifetime of Service.

These 60-foot galvanized steel H-piles are on their way to Grimesland, NC for a highway improvement project. Driven steel piles are the most reliable type of foundation used in the construction industry and are capable of handling very high loads.

Galvanized H-piles are used to support heavy loads like bridges, and n retaining walls and sound walls. They remain maintenance free and rust-free for life.

Note the points on one end of the piles. Shoes and points such as these are add-on accessories that protect the ends of piles and ease installation by acting as serrations to cut through soil and rock.

At Galvan, we have the capability to make simple modifications for our customers, including welding points on H-piles. Find out more about our Value-added Services.

About Galvan Industries, Inc.

Since 1958, Galvan Industries has provided the ultimate in corrosion control to steel fabricators and manufacturers. The first hot-dip galvanizing operation in the Carolinas, the company has grown to become the largest capacity contract galvanizer in the Southeast.

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