Rhode Island Megaproject

When it comes to material selection for projects requiring long design lives, more owners are turning to ASTM A767 Class 1 hot-dipped galvanized rebar due to its proven durability during fabrication and installation and its 100-year design life due to the robust thickness of the galvanized coating.

Rhode Island DOT is using ASTM A767 Class 1 HDG rebar for the construction of the Route 6/10 Interchange, the largest design-build project in the state’s history. A767 HDG coating thickness gives it 3x the durability of CGR or epoxy-coated rebar – 100-year life – and makes it a superior value to stainless steel rebar.

Growing Demand for HDG RebarRhode Island Megaproject

In addition, Connecticut DOT is now requiring ASTM A767 Class 1 in all its future bridge designs. The NYS Thruway Authority – which has specified hot-dipped galvanized rebar for its bridges since 1995 – recently used 80 million pounds to construct the iconic Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge (across the Hudson River (shown upper right), a “bridge designed so that major maintenance would not be necessary for at least 100 years.”

To learn more about ASTM A767 hot-dipped galvanized rebar, visit the Hot-Dipped Galvanized Rebar Alliance at www.100YearStrong.com. The Alliance represents the expertise and experience of North America’s leading providers of hot-dipped galvanizing services and products, including Galvan Industries, Inc., New Jersey Galvanizing And Tinning Works, Inc., Connecticut Galvanizing, CORBEC, Metalplate Galvanizing, L.P., and Hubbell Galvanizing.

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