Galvan Protects $300MClearwater Paper Corp. is spending $330 million to add another building to its tissue production facility in Shelby, a move that will add 180 jobs to the 264 that are already there.  Construction started during the second quarter of 2017.


Galvan Industries is hot dip galvanizing structural steel for the new plant. Hot-dip galvanizing adds substantial value to the project because of its long-life and ultra-low maintenance. Even in the aggressive, corrosive environment of a pulp and paper mill, galvanized steel will protect the interests of Clearwater Paper without increasing the capital cost of this critical investment for many years to come.


About Galvan Industries, Inc.


Since 1958, Galvan Industries has provided the ultimate in corrosion control to steel fabricators and manufacturers. The first hot-dip galvanizing operation in the Carolinas, the company has grown to become the largest capacity contract galvanizer in the Southeast.


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