rust free

Keeping the underwater intake areas of hydroelectric dams free of trash and debris is extremely important. The Dragrake TM, designed and manufactured by Galvan customer North Fork Electric, Inc. offers utilities unmatched cleaning capability.

The Dragrake is available up to 45 feet wide and can clean and dredge a 60 foot deep intake in two minutes. For intakes over 45 feet in width, multiple Dragrakes can be installed. This allows thousands of square feet of intake to be cleaned in minutes, allowing greater flow so that dams can operate at maximum efficiency.

The Dragrake operates by a system of motorized cable hoists which move a raking beam across the bottom of the intake, dredging the area and picking up trash, leaves and even water-soaked logs until it reaches the “trash rack”. There, it rakes up the rack face bringing its trash load to the dumping position.

The powerful Dragrake can capture and lift thousands of pounds of trash each cycle, but rust could shorten its life. Galvan is proud to provide the longest possible rust protection for the Dragrake trash rack and other steel components continually exposed to sun and moisture.

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