Progressive Dipping Or Double Dipping

Galvanizing Large Steel Structures

Double Dipping will allow almost any structure to be galvanizedGALVAN Industries’ hot dip galvanizing kettle is 42′ long x 4’6″ wide x 8’6″ deep. The large bath size, in conjunction with modular design techniques and “progressive” or “double dipping” will allow almost any structure to be galvanized with greatly reduced maintenance costs and extended life.

When a fabrication is too large for single immersion it may be possible to galvanize it by progressive dipping, immersing one end of the work at a time in the galvanizing bath.

The Galvanizing capacity chart below indicates the maximum length of structural sections capable of being galvanized at this facility. The depth of section is indicated along the vertical axis and the corresponding maximum length is shown on the horizontal axis.

Large galvanizing capacity

Note: These sizes are theoretical maximums for length and depth. Please contact Galvan Industries on fabrications that approach the extreme limits shown.

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