Galvan Extends The Life


Gagnon Heart Hospital, a part of Morristown Medical Center in Morristown, NJ, is expanding one of its parking facilities to accommodate more than 1,000 additional staff and visitor vehicles. Galvan is helping extend the life of the project by preventing rust on the exposed structural steel.

The long steel beams being used in the parking deck project are protected against rust by Galvan Industries, Inc. using the “progressive dipping” or “double-dipping” method. With progressive dipping, one end of the steel is dipped at a time in Galvan’s 42′ long x 4’6″ wide x 8’6″ deep galvanizing kettle.

Depending the on the overall dimensions of the material, this method allows for pieces up to 80 feet in length to be hot dip galvanized. Galvanized steel provides a lifetime of maintenance-free protection against damaging corrosion.

The project team for the new deck expansion includes Buckl Architects, DiStasio Van Buren Engineers, PWI Engineering, and Wm. Blanchard Co. Construction Management.

About Galvan Industries, Inc.

Since 1958, Galvan Industries has provided the ultimate in corrosion control to steel fabricators and manufacturers. The first hot-dip galvanizing operation in the Carolinas, the company has grown to become the largest capacity contract galvanizer in the Southeast.

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