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    Capacity, environmental safety,
galvanizing excellence
Founded in 1958, Galvan was the first hot dip galvanizing operation in the Carolinas. Keeping pace with increasing customer demand has meant regular investments
in facilities and equipment.
Today, Galvan is one of the largest capacity contract galvanizers in the Southeast, and is among the “greenest”, as well.
Galvan has invested more than $1 million in its galvanizing operations in the past decade to increase capacity and reduce environmental impact. The company’s galvanizing facility employs a fully “closed loop” system that completely eliminates hazardous wastes while improving our ability to meet growing demand.
Galvan has also been recognized 11 times in the AGA’s Hot-Dip Galvanizing Excellence Awards. Four other Galvan
projects have been chosen as case studies by the association.
Award-winning effort is part of every job we do. Put our quality and experience to work for your
    company today.
 7320 Galvan Way
Harrisburg, North Carolina 28075 704.455.4102

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