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     We’re your galvanizer for every need...
We’re experts at protecting large, complex projects, smaller OEM fabrications and unique custom architectural pieces.
Galvan is the Southeast’s go-to galvanizer for everything from power plants and sugar mills to guardrail posts and decorative wrought-iron railings.
Here are some examples of items we rust-proof regularly:
  • Structural steel
• Architectural steel
• Angles
• Fence Posts
• Platforms
• Beams
• Grating
• Stair Treads
• Boat trailers
• Handrails
• Columns
• Rooftop HVAC platforms • Pipe
• Transmission poles
• Fasteners
• Plates
• Wire mesh
• Rebar
 Send us your largest pieces.
Galvan Industries’ hot dip galvanizing kettle is 42′ long x 4’6′′ wide x 8’6′′ deep. Our large bath allows most pieces to be galvanized in a single dip. With progressive or “double dipping”, we can galvanize steel of almost any size, greatly reducing maintenance costs and extending its life. For example, a 68 foot x 30 inch fabrication fits our double-dipping operation with room to spare. (Our competitors would double-dip it, too.)

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