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   Maximize Material ID With Kettle Tags®
Galvan Industries, Inc. has solved the problem of after- galvanizing material identification for its customers with Kettle Tags®, a tagging system that stays on the material through all the steps in the process, including the acid dip and the molten zinc bath. Kettle Tags can even be used to identify materials going through shot blast cleaning or painting. Kettle Tags cost less, too, about half the cost of other tagging systems used by our customers.
To take advantage of the benefits of Galvan’s Kettle Tags, just send us your list of tags that need to be
printed. We will print them and mail or ship them to you.
You can attach them to your material when it is ready for finishing. Galvan’s Kettle Tags will be right where you put them when your order is delivered, with text and even barcodes clearly readable.
   Quick Tips on Masking and Marking
Recommended masking materials: Masking is treating a portion of the steel surface so a specific area remains ungalvanized. We recommend:
• GE100%SiliconeCaulk • NAPARTVRed
• DAPHouseholdAdhesive • MaskoteZincStop-Off
• StopGalv • GalvaStop
Recommended marking pen: Markal Model # 96821G valve action paint marker. This will not affect the galvanizing process.
Shipping and Contact Information
7315 Galvan Way (office) 7320 Galvan Way (plant) Harrisburg, NC 28075 704-455-5102 office 704-455-5215 fax
Shipping and Receiving Address:
12000 University City Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28213
For Galvanizing Sales and Service please contact:
Ben Kelly
Galvanizing Sales Manager 704-456-1084 direct 704-773-8329 cell
Stephanie Klicpera Galvanizing Customer Service 704-456-1091 direct
   Online Credit Application for New Customers

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