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Get maximum galvanizing service
Maximum Weight
Maximum Lift Capacity: 30,000 LBS. (Call for consult over 12 tons)
Maximum Width
Widest piece capable of galvanizing: 14 feet
Maximum Length
Single Dip Galvanizing: 42 Feet
 Double Dip: Up To 83 Feet
Our hot dip galvanizing kettle is 42' long x 4'6" wide x 8'6" deep. The large bath size, in conjunction with modular design techniques and "progressive" or "double dipping" will allow almost any structure to be galvanized.
When a fabrication is too large for single immersion it may be possible to galvanize it by progressive dipping, immersing one end of the work at a time in the galvanizing bath.
The capacity chart at right indicates the maximum length of structural sections capable of being galvanized at our facility. The depth of section is indicated along the vertical axis and the corresponding maximum length is shown on the horizontal axis.
Maximum Throughput
Maximum tons per hour throughput: 23 tons/hr
Galvan is one of the largest-capacity hot-dip galvanizers in the Southeast with 59,600 square feet of production space and an annual capacity of 50,000 tons.
   Maximum Quality
Our Quality Control and Assurance Program conforms to Nuclear Quality Assurance requirements. Our in-house program was developed during production of nuclear safety related products, and was one of the first to conform to the American Galvanizers Association (AGA) Recommended Standards. We are members of the AGA and were instrumental in the association’s development of a Q.A. program and strongly support its use.
At Galvan, surface preparation, fluxing and galvanizing are performed to applicable industry standards. This process consistently produces high quality galvanized coatings to the most exacting specifications.

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