Forklift Operator/Lead Man

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  • Has operated forklift in outdoor environment on uneven terrain
  • Capable of operating a cutting torch for the purpose of adding vent/drain holes in steel
  • Has operated/carried heavy, awkward sized loads.
    • The individual needs to have more experience than simply moving pallets in a warehouse.
  • Has lead/directed the activities of 3-5 other employees
    • This individual will be responsible for the productive output of 2-4 people
  • Must have willingness to get “hands on” i.e. get off the lift and work as required.


  • Sort fabricated steel in preparation for the galvanizing process
  • This includes:
    • Placing large beams in stands
    • Maneuvering large lifts and fabricated steel within small spaces
    • Picking up heavy, awkwardly shapes steel members and moving them carefully without damaging
    • Ensure other employees are working efficiently and safely.
  • Prioritize schedule and allocate man power effectively
  • Maintain clean work environment
  • Understand the jigs, fixtures, racks, baskets, and other methods we use for running material and be capable of selecting the appropriate method based on the type of material to be run.
  • Operate grinder to remove surface contaminates prior to galvanizing
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